Psychic Sanctum is a place where you will find Peace of Mind and Soul where you will receive Help & Guidance at those challenging points in your Life Path where you feel hesitation and confusion.
The Guidance comes through various Tools and Agencies – from Angels to Tarot.
All carry the Divine Wisdom which is provided
all around and within us.

We are here to learn, develop and enhance our Soul through these experiences.  Our choices give us the directions. 
It is easier to make those choices from a Higher Perspective.  Psychic Sanctum can help you with relationship, career, finance, family etc problems; and can indicate talents and opportunities.

Psychic Sanctum also offers Astrological - Western and Chinese - Charts Analysis

Numerological Chart Analysis,

Past (Co) lives Recall finding Karmic Ties and experiences

Various Articles for your interest, examples from my classes and workshops

Workshops and Psychic Development Classes
(for those in the South-West of England.) 
Sacred Dorset with her profound links to ancient cultures, offers the venue.

Prices for readings as follows:

  • £25 for psychic readings
  • £25 for charts
  • £40 for past life readings
  • £35 for workshops (deposit of £20 required)