Angel means 'messenger' coming from a Greek word. Angels were, and are, never human. They are from a Higher Spiritual dimension closer to the Divine, because they are 'pure' Divine essences, never having incarnated. They are fields of energies, transmitting Divine Principles and Qualities. They are attuned to all of Creation, holding the original Templates of the Divine to enable Creation to become perfect according to the Design intended by the Divinity. They are usually depicted as playing musical instruments or singing, because the resonate with The Divine Word that is still reverberating throughout the Uni (One)-Verse. You call them with Names of their Power which are Sonics - powers of sound. Sound creates form.

Some of these Angels work alongside humans and are there to help us with our Destiny, if we ask them. They all have different tasks and functions. Some guard us and some are there to guide us, and some test us. Many people have had experiences of Angels and describe them as Beings of Light. In the East, they are known as Devas (Beings of Light).

Angel Cards are designed to inspire the Reader onto a high spiritual level and attune to the relevant angel who is appropriate for the question or problem at any specific moment. They are very good at helping with relationship or personal problems. Aligning yourself with Angels aligns you with the Spiritual Purpose to your Life, and the cards assist you to keep a positive Karma and allow your Life to unfold as is right for you. Ruth holds Angel Workshops you learn to contact and work with Angels.