Egyptian Hieroglyphs

These were designed by Murry Hope, a leading figure in writing and teaching Metaphysics. They are an Oracle based on ancient Egyptian archetypes used in Magic. The word relates to the use of an oval or oblong design which contained the name of the sovereign or person of rank.

There are 25 of them, nine correspond to the principal gods/goddesses in the early Egyptian pantheon .eg Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set, Thoth They all relate to the essence of Forces or Energies eg fire, water, earth and air that govern the Universe and Cosmic Forces eg Sirius that dominated Eygptian culture through the cycle of the Nile tides. The symbols, colours and meanings that accord with the designs found in ancient, manuscripts and buildings.

The psychological principles represented by these symbols apply to all of our human experience.

They can be used here as divination guidance, or as magical tools for healing, protection etc.

They are shuffled and various cards are picked out and used in certain designs known as Spreads and the Reader translates them according to the situation presented to her. The Spiritual or Super-Conscious gives thoughts and concepts that are applicable.