Crystals - Quartz - play a major part in today's world through the silicon chip found in computers and used worldwide for communication and information. Crystals receive, store and transmit information.

Crystals for readings and healing come in all shades of all colours. The reader looks at and handles the crystals and accordingly mentally tunes into their frequency. S/he selects from the group the ones that 'talk' to her.

S/he is aware of their colour, structure, shape and how they relate to each other. They operate on very subtle frequencies. All of the Earth is alive and radiating energies, and working with crystals can heal and transform your life. They can help you to rebalance your life in harmony with All Life when you use them as tools or even companions.

They can communicate through sensations, emotions, thoughts - often as images. The first impression is the one to go on. All crystals should be regularly cleansed and dedicated for a particular use. So the ones you use for healing, will be different from the ones used for meditation or divination. Ones used for healing should be charged after cleansing with an hour in the noon sunlight. Those used for meditation and divination should be charged after cleansing with an hour in the light of the full moon. Put both outside, not through glass. Keep them in a special place and treat with respect.