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SPADES (earth): black/brown hair & eyes, ambitious, patient, introverted, serious, manipulative, clear minded, objective, works in professions/law/business, practical,

suffering, loss, treachery, enemies

KING: mature, intellectual, loves power, arrogant, loyal, possessive, loves money & 'things', good at decisions, takes control

QUEEN: mature, smart, well educated, head rules heart, confident, objective, stable, maybe widow/divorcee

JACK: illusionist, untrustworthy, indiscreet, ?liar, spy,

CLUBS (fire): rich dark /red hair, green/brown eyes, sincere, affectionate, extroverted, sensible, hard-working, creative, persevering, dynamic, works in big business/arts, fame,

KING: young, sensual, practical, affectionate, realistic ambitions, organised career path, loves luxury & fine things of life, extravagant

QUEEN: young, sensual, warm hearted, dislikes confrontation, passionate, reliable, positive

JACK: loyal friendship, conversation, discussions, kind, straightforward, energetic


Client Card near: 10 D = journey, near any other 10 = legacy, near 9D= obstacles on path

Near 9S = bad news ? illness, near Ace D = letter (from abroad?),

Ace D next any S = threatened illness, next 7D = quarrel

Ace S near 8 or 9 S = gloomy, failures, disappointments

8D = near any H = short journey, next any C = prolonged journey

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