Using a variety of tools, eg pendulums of all kinds, rods, wands, finger/hands, it is possible to dowse for anything - water, metals, lost objects, environmental hazards, medical ailments, aiding intuition, archaeology, self improvement. You can use a plan, map co-ordinates or grid rather than going physically to the area.

Using your fingers, hands or body, you can feel responses such as heat, cold, tingles, hair raising/`goose-pimples`, shakes, itches, muscle reactions.

You start off by choosing your tool, and finding out which answer you are going to get for YES , NO or DON'T KNOW . Relax..very important , clear your mind of any preconceptions as to what the answer you THINK you SHOULD get, and ask a simple clear question to which you already know the answer such as 'Did I have cornflakes for breakfast?' or ' Is blue my favourite colour?' This will give you the basic displays showing you how your tool gives YOU answers. Also you can find polarities by holding pendulum over the ends of a magnet (designate then which pole is going to be YES/NO).

You need to practise, as the more you do the better you become.

You need to be able to hold a clear thought in your mind - of the question you need answered or the object you are looking for.

You need to be relaxed, unemotional and have no prejudices about the outcome. Your psychic/auric `type, also effects outcome.

You can find depths, qualities or amounts by asking questions - be precise - and estimating by tool response or by walking - number of paces or distance walked - equals distance down, or mark your wand/ruler, or pendulum string with knots.

It helps to drink a few glasses of water first.

Negative feelings/thoughts/prejudices from sceptics present, also effect results negatively (observer effect?).

The body seems to be a magnetic resonator. We have minute amounts of iron in our ethnoid bone, located between our eyes, which is a spot related to the pineal gland. (A magnet held in front of the forehead, negates results.) You cannot feel them but very tiny impulses seem to be transmitted along our nerves to the hand or arm.

You can try out by filling 2 cups with water and 1 with salted water and asking which one has the salt (or ask someone else to set this up, so that you can't know which one has the salt.). Or taking 5 playing cards and shuffling them with backs upwards and placing them down face down and finding Red or Black cards or finding clubs or diamonds. Or hide a Queen and ask 'Find the Lady'.

Then go on to try to find water pipes in a friend's house, or go into an open space and try to find the Leylines. Ask someone to hide an object around the house and try to find it. Dowsing rods are best for these exercises.