Wake up & SMILE or even LAUGH

Each Morning is a fresh opportunity given to you by Life -

To do something Good, Useful & Kind -

Go out and find out what they are,

To learn something New, Exciting and Helpful -

Its there - waiting for you;

To grow larger in Heart, wider in Wisdom, deepen your Understanding;

To start anew after mistakes - which are only Opportunities to learn and look at problems as Challenges;

To share your experiences with another; they might be just what they need to hear.

To forgive all wrongs - they were only ignorance talking,

You are too big to hold grudges and Life is too short to feel bad.

Do not allow others to have control over YOUR feelings - why give away your power?


TODAY SMILE for no reason.


Today's Stranger is Tomorrow's Friend.


When you go to bed:

Find 5 things that happen today that make you feel good.


Yesterday is dead - throw it on the compost heap, to break down and enrich future growth and understanding.

Tomorrow does not yet exist - it is awaiting the seeds sown today - Go out and sow them and make sure you reap what you want.