Any reading, of any kind, takes you as well as the reader/psychic to make a successful reading.
There are things you can do to help yourself get what you want.
A good preparation makes all the difference.

The psychic may pick up information for you in many ways: pictures, colours, words, feelings, sensations etc
These will often need interpretation, or sometimes...these themselves may be the information that you want.

Have a positive attitude.......a 'testing' suspicious attitude does not help you neither does being negative in expectation. The connection between you needs to be OPEN both ways.

Choose a time & place where you will not be interrupted.

Relax..........breathe in & out slowly & deeply from your solar plexus...
......very important!

Have a clear question in your head that you want an answer to, one at a time, or one clear focus that you want info/advice upon.Write it down, to clarify it in your mind.

Have a pen & paper ready to write down what is given to you.

Sometimes, what is said seems not relevant to you at the time, but later after thinking about it, you can place what has been said, or something happens that makes it all relevant to you.

If the conversation goes away from what you want, gently remind the reader/psychic to bring him/her back to focus on the area you want.

Do not determine in advance, what the answers should be.......oracles are aware of factors that you may not know or have considered.

Try not to ask questions that only need a 'yes or no' answer, they tend to stem the flow of the session.

Respond to the reader/psychic and let him/her hear your voice.....helps the connection. If what is said helps you....say so.

If you do not understand something........ask.

Realise that the reader/psychic is doing his/her best and if you find that there is not a good communication connection between you, say so and find someone else. We each operate psychically on different frequencies and perhaps his/hers does not resonate with yours.

If you do not get the 'right' answers, consider that perhaps this is not the right time for you to be asking. There are 'windows' in Time as well as Space and sometimes, we are supposed to attune into our Higher Selves instead for guidance whilst we wait for the 'windows' to come around. It is a bit like peeking in the oven to see if the cake is cooked and spoiling it through our impatience.

We are all on a journey of learning through experience to develop our Soul in character and depth and sometimes our Higher Self wants us to wait and go through the experience trusting only in our Soul Links. Sometimes, rather than telling us the answers It wants us to find our own and develop our spiritual 'muscles'.