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Sound is Vibration = Life Energy = Healing

Mantra = 'MAN' Mind + 'TRI' Cross over ie Crossing over the Mind

A Mantra is A Holy Name /Gods Name ie actually God or actualising God in Self.

Sound is Kinetic Energy made audible, Mantras link personal with transpersonal/spiritual , we need to remove the ego and just respond energetically. It is the carrier wave of Consciousness.

Inner Sound and Outer Sound becomes One, we need to become One with the Sound.

Voices used in this way give more light to the Aura

Healing = Frequency + Intention

Manifestation = Vocalisation + Visualisation.

Harmonics give 'colour' + timbre to a note.

En-Chant = using words of power or music to effect another.

Do chosen mantra repeatedly at all times during day to dispel negativity and during meditation to quieten mind (mind chatter)


Aum Ma'Ni Pa'Dme Hum (Hoom)(Sanskrit - The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus)

Ha're Ra'ma Ha're Ra'ma, Ra'ma Ra'ma Ha're Ha're

(Sanskrit - Hail to Rama .Divine Joy)

Ha're Krish'Na Ha're Krish'Na (Hail to Krishna ) together these 2 are known as the Maha-Mantra (Great Mantra) and will disperse our negativity covering our true nature)

Aum Sur-Yai-ah Namah (Om Saluations to the Supreme)

(Good mantra to promote good health due at sun rise)

Om Santi, Santi, Santi (Aum Ssan-tee, Ssan-tee, Ssan-tee - Om Peace Peace Peace)

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