Neuro = refers to the brain neural pathways, set in patterns

Linguistic = attention to unconscious choice of language and how we use it

Programming = thinking and behavioural patterns/programmes which people use in their everyday lives

This is a practical and pragmatic model of human behaviour and communication developed by Richard Bandler and others.

Key components :

Rapport and communication using your mind, emotions and your body

Gathering information, insights, attitudes, skills and mental techniques

Strategies to enable dynamic change and interventions to improve how we think, behave and feel and to assist others to do the same so that we run our lives more successfully.

What we perceive and therefore how we communicate, is filtered through our sensory systems. This is usually unconscious, but can be made conscious through training. There are 3 main systems; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

It is based on the principle that if one person has learned to do something, then by studying his/her technique ( given the same physical attributes) and creating a model, another can integrate into their own repertoire, the skills and attitudes of the successful person.

It is a range of skills to be learned in a practical way rather than learned intellectually from reading about it. It means that the trainer entrains the student into the required techniques. This causes fresh neuronal pathways to be formed in the brain and therefore new preferred habits acquired.

You learn to use your mind and emotions in various exercises, to re-programme your consciousness. Using visualisations and physical action exercises, as often as you can, re-living the experiences that you want to create for yourself and re-creating negative experiences in your Past. We cannot undo the Past but we can reform how we perceive and therefore remember it, so that it has a positive effect on our lives. It can help with phobias and depressions, pain and suffering of all types.

Our Minds are the Masters of our Bodies and whilst respecting that our Bodies have their own basic needs as to correct fuel and genetic make-up, we can use what we have physically and create something positive to make our lives so much more helpful and successful.