The language of numbers is called 'Numerology'. Their use is an ancient science which is, today, still a practical system for spiritual insight and the attainment of material goals. It is about 80% accurate, as not all numbers are applicable to everyone. The usual one used today is Pythagorean in origin from the 6th century BC.

Numerology shows your talents, characteristics, karmic weaknesses and aims, and the future trends in your life. It can be like a weather forecast, indicating what is coming up for you and can advise on how to deal with the 'weather'. Numbers indicate vibration, they relate to mathematical formulae as in music. All of Creation is vibrating, each part with it's own frequency. Places too have their numerology, as do any dates. So you can calculate the right places and times for your life to be harmonious with your life and you. Each number has a separate quality, strengths, opportunities, problems and weaknesses.

Numerology uses your birth date and also can use your birth name. The science of the letters of an alphabet equalling numbers is called 'Gematria'. All sorts of equations can discover up to 40 facets describing your life and forecasting your most probable future. You are not just one number but a whole 'barcode'. It can show whether you and another person are likely to be compatible. Normally in a reading over a telephone, just your birth date is requested and 3 'weather' types are calculated and interpreted within two or three minutes.

If you want a full Numerology chart drawn up, both birth date and full birth name is requested. You can discover where you are going as it illustrates not only the cause of events but the order and measure of your life. You can be prepared for whatever weather is out there waiting for you, just as you would decide appropriate clothes for the beach sunshine or Arctic snows.

Very basically:
  1. Creation, the Self
  2. Partners, Dualities
  3. Self Expression, Sociability
  4. Foundation, Work
  5. Freedom, Change
  6. Responsibility, Harmony
  7. Inner Life, Science
  8. Finance, Spirit as Matter
  9. Universal Consciousness
  10. New Cycle begins