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There is an infinity of worlds/universes interwoven, alternating - yet each one a little different from the next. The very act of observing them seems to bring out/create of the cloud of possibilities - an actual existence into OUR Real-ity. Each world lies 'parallel' to the others, we are aware of them on some consciousness field state, but to us they are not 'solid', but they can and do - interfere with each other .

Space-Time is a product of Matter or Gravity - or is it the other way around? Matter is produced by a knot in the fabric of Space-time and bends space and curves time .

According to quantum physics, the properties of matter depends on HOW it is being observed. Matter IS energy - at a certain range of frequencies. The laboratory exists between our ears, our minds are the tools of experimentation.

Atom-sized objects are disturbed by any attempt to observe them. Atoms exist as part of our brains.

According to the slits in screen experiment, single particles behave as a wave AND a cloud. The cloud would materialise as a particle by the act of observing . A single electron exists as a single particle, but it has infinite positions within an overlapping number of parallel worlds. (Note: like the location of a single dot within a cube can relate to a different point within 6 sides of the cube .) You can see the evidence for this when an atom is split causing the electron to be pulled apart.

Whatever is determined by observation in one world , determines the others . Therefore the observer becomes part of the equation/experiment. Particles undergo quantum leaps every time one of them is observed emerging from branches of possibilities from the initial point of determination, transformation growth nodules.

Our minds have these points within them and your normal waking consciousness will fail to distinguish one result from another, forming a 'pool' - a gathering of these nodules, which have a resonance for each other. Something solid arises from this resonance - the greater the resonance or similarity, the more solid the result/object appears . Reality is nothing more than a lot of agreement . They are like a lot of transparent slides viewed simultaneously, superimposed upon each other and appearing as one. Consciousness is a Wave/Field awaiting organisation.

The Reality which we observe, depends upon how we choose to refer to it ie our Reality is a question of self-reference. Self plays a role is what is seen to be Not-Self. These other Realities are solid in their dimension/field frequency. A single point in a higher dimensional space actually appears as a greater number of points in a lower dimensional space ,( Note: as one point ( 4 th Dim) equals six points in the various faces of a cube ( 3 rd Dim )). Since there are 10 (to power 80) particles in any single universe, the model of Superspace must include more than 3 X 10 (to power 80) dimensions. All the particles in Superspace relate to one dot or node in the space.

Each of these parallel universes fluctuates and is highly unstable, ( according to our viewing position ) objects seem to vanish and appear like flashing lightbulbs, but together they form a stable universe. A cloud of positional universes is what we live in, but we need all of the cloud to have a stable energy.

It is consciousness that does the observing and choosing, and is caught by the choice . As they are indivisible - is there any choice at all? ( Note: Does the pattern created by previous choices entrain the next choice? Is this the practical working out of 'Karma'? )

QUICK Question = 1 st 7 cards in row face down then look at 1 st , 4 th & 7th

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