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Is there an inside and outside of a universe?

If so, is there an Observer 'outside' yet therefore necessarily involved in what It is observing? ( Note: is this Intelligence what we call 'God' ).

Time and space are observable ( Theory of Relativity) Gravity is the effect of Matter within Space-Time, and causes the wrinkles and bends, - we could utilise these to use these cloud particles to 'visit' other Spaces (Places) and Times?

Holes can appear. ( Note: is a 'hole' to one universe, a 'solid'point to another?)

These 'Black' holes can be travelled via their Singularity which seems to be the meeting point between Universes. ( Note: are these within the atoms of our brains, and therefore tools for our Consciousness ).

Tachyons (tiny sub-atomic particles) can travel through matter freely ( we have tachyons in our Brain atoms?) but you need to move faster than light ( Note: which consciousness does ie 4 th Dim and more . This could be the basis for schizophrenia/multiple personalities, and operate in psychism. The 'Magic Squares' of the Occult, could have been in fact magic 'Cube' faces, with their planetary names being energy specifics . )

Since every act of observation sends out a wave 'echo' to the future as well as the past, there is no reason that we cannot 'remember' the future. The possible 'future' being selected by current resonance. All 'Times' are in fact 'Zones' pointed at/ converging upon a particle/node. Our Minds are in fact Time machines .

QUICK Question = 1 st 7 cards in row face down then look at 1 st , 4 th & 7th

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