THE CALL: It is not easy to hear the Call in our busy, cluttered lives with our attachments to our fears, hopes, desires, addictions and routines. It is usually an external crisis that forces us to STOP and take notice of our lives and what we are doing with them. Unfortunately we usually need Pain to arouse us from Sleep.

HEEDING THE CALL: this is taking the first steps towards our individuation from the Crowd, the Collective - metaphorically leaving our Mother and our old way of Being . From now on we will need new skills and values and to walk in unfamiliar territory. We usually met a Helper of some kind who gives us a symbolic Gift. Our attitude to this change is very important. This is a Major Initiation.

THE THRESHOLD of Adventure: this limen/boundary is usually guarded symbolically by what we can recognise as our Shadow projected outwards onto someone/something else - the 'Other' and there is usually a struggle - which we do in the 'dark'. Something needs to be given up/sacrificed but something is also gained. You will need a new way of 'Seeing'. There is now no turning back because we have let go of control - the Caller has chosen You .

THE TESTS: There are Tests and Ordeals which will temper and strengthen you, here we meet our Powe Animals/Instincts which we need to transform our new perspectives - which might mean us 'shape-shifting into that animal/elemental experience where we learn new skills. There is usually a Helper .

The 4 Elements of Earth /restoring Order and Stability - planting 'Seeds' maybe - for new Growth; Fire /Creativity & Imagination - reclaiming our Power;

Air /Discrimination - developing new perspectives and Vision; and

Water /Emotional Boundaries - often a 'Death'/Depression experience of the Underworld - developing our Will and keeping in touch with or Feelings - often negative ones to enable us to make the necessary changes to bring us back to the Upper World.

THE SUPREME ORDEAL: the final and major confrontation with 'Death' - the reward here is the Treasure/Spouse of Sacred Alchemy . The Journey back requires a strong Ego, sometimes the Treasure is lost again temporarily and further Tests arise but there is an invisible Threshold that has been crossed and from this point the Seeker is safe.

THE QUEST ACHIEVED: The Union is Blessed/Treasure Found. There is a Sacred Marriage with your Inner Opposite and a reunion with one's own sex - a reclaiming of the Power of the Masculine or Feminine, a reconciliation with the god/goddess . The persona healing occurs and paradisical Bliss, laughter, singing and much Joy. The Union is Blessed by all the gods and an Initiation has taken place.

THE RETURN TO THE THRESHOLD: - the Honeymoon - the Treasure needs to be brought back to the Upper World/ Full Consciousness. Once again there may be a struggle with the Guardian , something to be given up and the hero/heroine needs to be reborn into normal consciousness bearing the Treasure - his/her own Soul - bringing our new Power as a Gift to the use of the Collective/Society/Tribe.

RETURN TO THE WORLD AS KING/QUEEN: This return ensures fertility to the wasteland of the Land/Group, causes water to flow again, heals the Wounds . The offering of one's own Wholeness to the Collective/Society/Tribe is a flame added to the Light of Universal Healing and Enlightenment.

The Birth of The Divine Child is here and all rejoice - feel pleasure/bliss.