Ruth has long experience of Psychic Counselling since 1979. She spent some time as a Platform Medium in Spiritualist churches and now gives private consultations. Ruth comes from a female line of psychics.

Ruth lived for 12 years close to Glastonbury and was involved in various New Age groups and enterprises. She worked too, with Anglican priests, to help those with occult problems, and belonged for many years to 'The Churches Fellowship of Psychical and Spiritual Studies' who are from all denominations.

Ruth started her practical learning with 'The Atlantean Society' in 1979, which has since reincarnated into the Pegasus Foundation in the Malvern Hills. She completed their first 3 year course in Esoteric Studies and qualified as a Healer with their College of Healing, representing them on the Somerset Committee of the CHO (Confederation of Healing Organisations). Ruth has also been a qualified Healer with the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) since 1983.

Ruth works with many Tools and is interested in Metaphysics and calls herself a Pantheist (The Divine is in All). She uses frequently Astrology and Numerology for herself and her friends as well as for clients. Ruth has held many workshops on New Age / Inner Development subjects and lectured for the Wessex Research Trust which was based in Sherbourne and linked to Sir George Trevellyan.

Ruth is also a Psychologist and Counsellor covering usually - relationships and career issues, as well as more occult problems. She works with people to recall their Past Lives ('Co'Lives ....really because outside this dimension time is not linear).

Ruth is also a qualified teacher and has been teaching esoteric and personal development classes since 1979.

She is interested in empowering people to live their lives in alignment with their Destiny. Ruth lives in Weymouth, Dorset and is a wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother.