Symbolically our Mission/Purpose in this Incarnation with our Life`s Spiritual Lessons to develop our Souls Potency as a Divine Facet of the Godhead and Co-Creator of the Cosmos/Life.

Solar Quest = Initiation through the 4 (or 5) elements/seasons and/or 12 (or13) Tasks of Solar Year/Zodiac.

You need to learn, recognise and use the Symbols of the Unconscious as it manifests in your Daily Life and Dreams/Mediations. You can buy a Symbol/Dream Dictionary but it is better is find out what these Symbols mean to YOU as we each have personal experiences of these symbols in our lives. For example, we can each have a different experience of a 'dog' or a 'tree'.

Sit down with a piece of paper and with coloured pencils, relax and close your eyes and think of the symbol and with each symbol jot down what comes to you (feelings, emotions, visualisations, words in head etc) for each one.

Symbolically usually include :

An unknown Youth (ie Everyman) brought up in the wilds (physical plane) ignorant of his name (soul note) or parentage (Divine plane), who leaves home through usually some crisis (Call of the Divine) or time of puberty (Maturity of the Spirit awakening) and travels to find his identity (True Self).

He comes across a wasteland/problem ruled by a maimed/impotent king (Higher Self of the youth). There is a castle, usually on an island which the youth comes upon by `chance`.

There is a boat belonging to Royal Fishermen (The Fisher King, the Grail King).

The castle on the island is owned by the King of the Underworld (Hades/Unconscious). There the youth finds object of his Quest (cup, lance, sword, gold coins).

There are usually tasks/challenges/temptations undertaken to gain his goal.

At Quests end he finds himself awaken by the side of water, with his horse tethered and the island again invisible.

On his return from Otherworld, fertility and peace have been restored to the kingdom and the King of the Land restored to health and potency.

Sometimes it can be a white hart with a gold collar that leads the youth.

Nowadays, many of the `childrens` stories and films give an up-to-date version eg Star Wars, the Matrix. Cars and Spaceships take the place of horses and boats. Human nature and relationships remains the same.

The symbols of the Quest and the Solar Hero are depicted in all world religions, and are most useful when deciphering dreams and meditation images. Psychology in the 20 th Century often uses these as healing processes.