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My PERSONAL VIEW OF REALITY by Patricia Harper Davis formerly Snelling

including work based on contribution by Professor William Tiller PhD Dept of Material Sciences and Engineering, Stanford University

We are all elements ( that is all life forms) of spirit, indestructible and eternal, and multiplexed in the the Loving Intelligence of the Absolute. (The Absolute is that which exists of Itself - infinite and eternal and unconditioned which was and is the Prime Cause of All, while Itself remaining unattached to, unconditioned by and uninvolved with that Series. )

We contain a unique mechanism of perception, and processing that perception, which is Mind. The Mind consists of three main levels or functions - the instinctive, the intellectual and the spiritual, and Mind is postulated to function in a six dimensional space/time lattice.

This Mind creates a vehicle for experience ( a universe, world, body ) and each person - as a spiritual being /entity plus perceptual mechanism, invests in that vehicle which runs a continuously programmed course, The being is connected to the vehicle via the emotional circuitry. The 'stuff' used for the construction of this vehicle, or simulator, is of dual or conjugate nature.

One part, which is electrical in nature and travels at velocities less than that of electro-magnetic light, is of positive energy and positive mass. The other is magnetic in nature and travels at velocities greater than that of electromagnetic light, and is of negative energy and negative mass. It forms what is termed - the Etheric part of the simulator. The total sum of these two energies is zero, as is the sum of their entropies. The total simulator or vehicle is formed out of the 'empty' space which is in fact the 'stuff' of the cosmos, via a fluctuation type of process.

The vehicle or simulator world, is the world of appearances and form - the world which we shape with our minds. 'Outside' this is the Absolute which also contains the Divine World of Loving Intelligence and It's Creative 'templates' or fields. Different 'worlds' can co-exist in 'nesting' levels of frequencies or realities, each perceived by it's programmed simulator, usually unperceiving that which it has not been programmed to perceive. The etheric can act as a conduit between these realities. We need to learn more about this etheric nature of our world, in order to more fully control and heal our positive mass world.

What we call spirit is the eternal life force originating from the Absolute, and what we call the Soul is the sum total of our experiencing nature which controls the Mind and conditions the Spirit. The Absolute/Source is the 'Is-ness' (ie It Just IS)

Creativity of Nature (the Outer/simulator world) is expressed through the emergence of coherent Wholes with properties that transcend those of it's parts. These are recognisable by their qualities, properties and values, including feelings of well-being and a sense of sacredness and harmony.

This total Creation is alive, each part connected to each and every other part and all are communicating - the largest down to the smallest particle and the finest to the densest frequency.
It is a Loving Union - with Love being the fabric of Creation ie that essential Attraction which holds our sub-atomic particles and frequencies together in the Fields of Potential, and which when is missing - our total Being on all levels just disintegrates.

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