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Our senses receive these communications but our neurological patterning is pre-set according to genetic programming and demands of our particular society which psychologically condition this patterning to focus on some sets of signals and ignore others. It is possible for our neurology to select other routes for their patterning - psychic molds - which would give us different perceptions. We lock ourselves into our pre-conceived sense of Reality ie sense of what is REAL. We can learn to focus on the ignored sense data to trigger changes that would in turn enhance our outer behaviour and responses to enable other potential within ourselves to unfold , to in turn change our personal idea of our own Self. Our outer senses could become enhanced to refine and expand their capacities - for example - to become conscious of our cellular activities and identities with their accompanying body processes - to heal ourselves, or acquire better sight and hearing. Awareness in a practical way of our One-ness could totally change our Society and social awareness and social identity.

Consciousness is a myriad hologrammic enfolded set of Fields of Potential holding Particles in suspension, which need the organising trigger of Awareness to become Real, ie we release potential according to what we focus upon..

The human Intellect with it's accompanying Ego will be seen to have been a mere survival tool from the Jungle - as other species have longer legs or keener sense of smell, and that this Ego can be put into it's proper perspective and used only when it is appropriate.

Within each of us is the "lost/fallen" Note/Word/Sound/Logos descended into Matter & Linear Time from higher frequencies/dimensions of The Cosmos/ Absolute. This Note or Sound is our inherent Essence of Individuality which Itself exists out of Linear Time, within the One-Ness of Unity that is the Nature of Spirit.

The Dual/Conjugate Path of Matter/Mind, particle/wave, analysis/synthesis. awakeness/dreaming, observer/observed, reasoning/intuition, space-time/non-locality, doing/being, explicate discreteness/implicate coherent seamlessness , 'lightness /darkness' - all work together for the PURPOSE which is the Experience Itself - the Creativity of the developing Nature, so that the Absolute might experience and 'play' with It's possibilities.
(Note: lightness/darkness are subjective, interchangeable as are the other conjugates.)

The Note or Word can be expressed as Number, Geometry or Formulae - whatever it's Form
Wherever or Whenever the Note is expressed is 'Now' and 'Here'. The Human Mind is programmed to work in Form through It's five senses/tools of perception in Matter, with the primary sense being Sight so our Psyche loves Images and we understand through Images. The Higher Mind has provided us with Archetypes as 'pegs' as a Universal Language. These are understood by each individual according to his/her experience and soul age. and usually distortred by personality.

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